It’s not always fun and games and no person wants to be involved in an accident. When you rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai – you don’t expect to have an accident. No one does! However, motorbike accidents are, unfortunately, a staple of riding a motorbike. Safety is our number one concern, of course! Giving you your helmet, giving you advice when you first get your bike is paramount to us. So you can always call us if you’ve rented a motorbike and are having some sort of safety issue.

We understand this and in no way want to try to make money from another’s misfortunes. Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai will do all it can to ensure your rights to fair and reasonable cost if an accident occurs.

Below is an example of an accident that occurred yesterday. We gave a written quotation to the customer detailing all costs involved including parts and an extra 2 days rental (covering the time the bike will be out of action). Where possible we do the work ourselves to minimize costs.

We believe it is the right of our customers to take the quotation and have the option of fixing the damage themselves if they feel the repair price is too high. The quotation in this instance was as follows;

*In this instance there was no insurance taken out by this particular customer. If insurance was taken the maximum cost would have been 3,500thb

*This is an example and prices may change depending on the market

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