There are many places in Chiang Mai where you can just walk in and rent a Scooter in Chiang Mai for as low as 99baht – but how do you know where to go? You certainly want to make sure you are getting a quality Scooter and not getting ripped off… Especially when you return the scooter. Many local motorbike rental companies will try and hit you with unexpected fees for the smallest of scratches and bumps.

The first thing you should do is a little bit of homework. What does Trip Adviser say about the rental company? What are Google reviews like? What’s the policy if I damage the Scooter? What time are they open? Many times I have heard people say if only I read the reviews first I would never have rented from them!

Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai is a Scooter/Motorbike rental company owned and operated by an Australian who is passionate about customer service.

The staff are Thai Nationals with local knowledge and speak very good English. The service goes beyond hiring a Scooter and every effort is made to ensure customers are well informed and most importantly feel confident before leaving on their journey.

A thorough inspection of the Scooters is conducted before the customer leaving the shop with customers encouraged to take photos of any damage. A damage report is also provided on the contract. If any damage occurs then the customer has a choice, and this is important, of fixing it themselves or getting a quote from Bamboo Bikes.

The deposit is not used as a ransom and customers forced to pay escalated costs. When possible Bamboo Bikes will not charge for scratches etc if they can fix it themselves.

An example of this would be a customer scratching the front fender. Bamboo Bikes charge the customer 60 baht for some spray paint, sanded the fender back and repainted it so the customer was charged a minimal amount. 2 days later another customer came to the store and told how he was forced to pay 2,000 baht for the same damage from another shop.

As stated before he said after that he looked at the Google reviews and saw that this company had done this many times.

After he did his homework he then came to Bamboo Bikes to rent!

Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai has a large range of Scooters at very competitive prices. Starting at 99 baht for a 110cc Scooter up to the latest model Honda Click 125i for 249 baht (daily rate). With over 80 Scooters in the fleet, the Team will take the time speaking with you to match the best Scooter for your needs, safety and budget.

In summary, the best place to rent a Scooter in Chiang Mai has to be Bamboo Bikes. For more details visit the website by clicking on the logo or give them a call on +66 (0)926183239

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