So your coming to or are in Chiang Mai and wanting to know what to do and see. The best thing to do is hire a Scooter and head out to one of the amazing destinations around Chiang Mai. There are loads! For example, you could rent a scooter to ride to Pai, any of the mountains, Mae Rim, Hang Dong, and more!

The roads are amazing and sights spectacular making the journey more enjoyable than the destination. There is something you need to know before hiring a Scooter so please check out our web page and READ REVIEWS before hiring a Scooter as this can be the difference to an enjoyable and affordable trip and one that wasn’t what you expected!

So where to go? There are many places I would recommend, however, the easiest ride to take would be to Doi Suthep (Doi meaning mountain) which is the mountain closest to Chiang Mai just West of the city. Taking about 1 hour to reach the temple this is an amazing ride for beginners and experts alike. The only problem with this ride is that nearly all people ride to the Temple and then turn around and come back to Chiang Mai. I am here to tell you that this is crazy! There are many more beautiful things to see and the road gets more and more fun the further you go. With hardly any traffic and the road narrowing the ride just gets more exciting.

After leaving Bamboo Bikes you will travel to the foot of the mountain where you can visit the Chiang Mai Zoo. From there about 10 more minutes, you will see Wat Pha Lat (Wat meaning temple) where you can hike and find the hidden Temple or visit the waterfall (can even go for a swim on a hot day). Then it off to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, the temple overlooking Chiang Mai and the main destination for travelers. Now here’s the trick – keep going!!! Traveling further on you can stop at some amazing lookouts before reaching the Bhubing Palace, half an hour further up the mountain. Another 10 minutes and you turn off the main road, to the left, and head down into the Hmong Village. After exploring this beautiful village it back up to the main rods and continuing on. Next is the camping grounds where you can hire a tent and bedding and settle in for the night (please make sure it is opened if planning to stay). A quick left from here and you’re nearing the end of the road. About 4 to 5 km, passing coffee farms you will come to the village of Kun Sang Khan. Now, this little village doesn’t get many visitors but is spectacular. If you reach the school you are at the end of the road. Time to turn around and head back with the beautiful memories of your ride.

Check out the video of the trip to the temple

The last leg of the journey into the Ban Khun Chang village.

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Have a wonderful day – Sabi Sabi