So you want to explore Chiang Mai and all the beautiful and fun locations near by?

Hiring a Scooter in a foreign country can be quiet daunting at first. We at Bamboo Bikes Chaing Mai would like to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process so you can relax and enjoy your holiday – after all you’re here to have fun, right? Our advice is to do a little research, it doesn’t take long to look at some google or trip adviser reviews. You will quickly see businesses that you can trust and the ones to avoid. Taking 10 minutes reading a few review can not only save you money but a bad experience!

The Process at Bamboo Bikes
1. Selecting the Scooter
We have a range of Scooters ranging from 99 to 249THB per day. We recommend that you take your time to discuss with our friendly staff where you want to go and what you will be doing. For instance, if you’re shopping in the city then we may suggest a Fino or Click 110cc. These are a carburetor model and may require the use of the choke when first started or early in the morning when cool. If you wanted to travel to one of the many lovely attractions just outside the city then a Fino, Spacy, Scoopy etc. 110cc, which are fuel injected, may be the better option. If riding to one of the many mountains then a 125cc will probably be the best option. We have 125cc Scooters from the Mio for 179THB, Click 199THB to the newest model Click for 249THB per day. Whatever your need, we are here to assist you and make sure you have a safe and comfortable ride.

2. Entering or signing the contract.

There are a few things you should know before signing the contract and be clear on so that you have peace of mind.

3. Deposit

Hiring a Scooter will require a deposit. We require a copy of your passport with current Visa and 3000THB, or you can leave your passport this choice is yours.

4. Inspection of the Scooter

We will do an inspection of the Scooter with you. We will record any damage, scratches etc. on your contract before you sign. For your peace of mind we insist all customers take lots of photos or video footge prior to signing. This is the best practice for both parties.

5. Payment

Can be made by cash only.

6. Smile and ENJOY!

Other thing you should know

The above stated contract conditions are that of the contract you enter into (as with any scooter hire company). We will always do our best to minimize cost and maximize customer experience. Again look at some reviews to see what other customers say and not just what we have written in this blog!

You need to wear a helmet. Yes, we give you a helmet for free and you must wear it. You will see others riding around not wearing a helmet but beside being very unsafe, there are a series of cameras and police that will stop you and charge you with a hefty fine.

You legally need a motorbike license (international motorbike) and if stopped the official rate is 400THB. Some customers have been charged more and some less than this but the official rate is 400THB. If you pay the fine then you will receive a receipt and can keep riding for 3 days before being charges again.

We are with you all the way. We are available on Whattsapp, Line, Email, Phone and messenger. If you need us for any reason we will do our best to work with you. This doesn’t need to be Scooter related, maybe you just need some local knowledge or a Thai interpreter what ever we can do we will!

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place, full of kind and wonderful people. Please respect their culture and enjoy the Beautiful Mountains, Temples and all the other wonderful attractions on offer. Remember Sabi Sabi.

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