At Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai your safety is paramount. We want you to enjoy your holiday and be safe at the same time. If you’re renting a scooter in Chiang Mai – there’s a decent chance you need guidance on what to do! That’s no problem. We’re motorbiking specialists at this point and can absolutely help you learn to ride your motorbike. Visit us at our local shop and we’ll be happy to guide you!

Keep reading to see a video of a customer driving straight into the Old City River!

We understand that for some people this may be their first time riding or maybe it’s been a long time since they rode before. We have had many customers come to us and hire scooters saying that they know how to ride when in fact they don’t. This is a big mistake!

We have seen many people start up the scooter and ride about 10 meters before crashing into something or someone. We have had customers take off uncontrollably and ride the scooter into the moat, yes that’s right into the water.

The truth of the matter is that scooters look easy to operate and actually are, however much like learning to ride a bike or drive a car there are some things you need to know and need to practice.

Think about this, when you drive a car and see danger ahead what do you do automatically?

Before reading on, think about it.

Do you brake immediately? Do you accelerate? Do you brace for an impact? Do you do nothing at all?

The truth is you take your foot off the accelerator and hover it above the brake ready to stop if you have to and if not your foot returns to the accelerator and off you go again.

This is an automatic response and one that avoids you from crashing into someone or something. Now think about when you first started driving. Did this happen automatically?

The answer is no.

The same common mistake happens when learning to ride a motorbike or scooter.

We have all seen the funny videos of people starting on a scooter and going flat out into a fence right. What actually happens here is that the rider has no muscle memory for that “hovering over the brake” then when they accelerate they panic and hold on as tight as they can (brace for impact). At this stage it is impossible to let go and you will accelerate until you fall off or run into something. It’s so common that it has a name “whiskey throttle”.

It is a completely natural response. So what’s our point? The point is if you don’t practice the movement to stop acceleration the very first moment you begin to learn to ride there is a high chance you will do the same as the person in the video. This is why if you come to us at Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai we will spend some time with you teaching you this technique before you try injuring yourself or someone around you.

When asked have you ridden before answer honestly or better still tell us.

There are other things you need to know too that can only be done through practical learning. Reading this won’t help so there is no reason for us talking about them out here.

We can spend about 10 to 15 minutes with you taking you through the steps to help you understand the basics. We cannot ensure your safety and don’t endorse riding without a license or skills but will do everything we can to make sure that you understand these basic skills prior to attempting to ride a scooter or motorbike.

Don’t let this be you 

Customer  in blue helmet left and back Christmas day 2018 – wait for it, splash

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