It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle, budget or expectations are – we are here to assist you in choosing the right Scooter or Motorbike for your adventures.

Our job is to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable with the rental process. Don’t get me wrong I know exactly what you have read and heard about the tricks and quality of renting a scooter in Chiang Mai. It wasn’t so long ago that I too rented for the first time and I was extremely nervous about the whole thing.

The biggest thing for me was leaving my passport as a deposit. I must say that I am more relaxed on this than before but we understand, especially if it is your first time renting from us, that this is a game stopper. We will not insist on leaving a passport but a copy and some currency (depending on the scooter you hire but usually 2,000 baht or equivalent in your currency). This is your choice.

As far as charges for any damage caused we are fair and reasonable. Make no mistake, we do not make money from other’s misfortunes and do everything reasonable to help and support if you are unlucky enough to be stranded or it’s a Sunday and you can’t find help. This differs from many Scooter hire companies.

It always pays to ask “what happens if I get a flat tire or something goes wrong and I am 50 km away”? The answer is almost always “your on your own”. This can ruin a holiday and I couldn’t think of anything worse than if this happened to one of my family or friends when in a foreign country. This is why we will always work with you and assist. If it’s due to a mechanical failure we will even pay for the fix and associated cost for pick up. We work together with our customers.

If there is damage, and it happens, we will give you a quote. We don’t demand payment without consideration. If there is reasonable damage, let’s say $50usd then we will show you the price of the parts online from the manufactures website. We won’t charge for labor if we can fix ourselves.

In short, we are fair and understand what it’s like to be hiring a Scooter in a foreign country with a somewhat questionable reputation.

My best piece of advice is to spend 5 minutes reading reviews. If they are 100% 5 stars beware. Read the good ones as well as the negative ones and ask yourself if they were answered reasonably. Did the company take responsibility?

We would be happy to assist you further and answer any questions you may have. If you want to learn more about us at Bamboo Bikes Chiang Mai then click the link to our website or call us on +66(0) 92 618 3239.

Remember your here to have fun and don’t need hassles. Keep smiling like all of our wonderful customers.

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